Polo Canada Book

The sport of polo in Canada is as diverse and as vast as the country. From west to east, this unique horse sport has found a home on the prairies, the farm fields, the forest clearings, sports fields, from backyards to farm yards. The history of polo in Canada is a story of immigration, importing a game from a foreign land and bringing it home. It is a game of dedication and perseverance (against the odds of climate and fortunes) and passion for those that have upheld the traditions of the clubs and the sport since the turn of the last century. This book sets out on a journey to celebrate the sport of polo in Canada through stories and photos and art. We want to share the unique qualities and spirit of each polo club and despite the diversity of our landscapes across the country, the sport has a similar feeling that could only be described as Canadian. What is remarkable throughout this journey has been a spirit of sharing, of sportsmanship and despite our vast geography, players come together from across the country to play on visiting teams or with home teams becoming part of the Canadian polo family. When we began this project, we asked each polo club to submit a story and photos to reflect their unique experience of polo, to share the spirit of family and sportsmanship and the love of ponies on and off the field. We were rewarded with this generous collection of photos and stories that celebrate the tradition of polo in Canada. We hope you will enjoy this journey as much as we enjoyed it!

Melinda Brewer, Co-Founder, Producer, and Artist